Veggies Fresh from GA

Happy Birthday, Granny Fay!

Artie and Granny Fay

We went up to Georgia on Sunday to celebrate Granny’s birthday with the family.  Artie’s dad grilled burgers and we were in charge of bringing dessert.  Artie whipped up two delicious blueberry cobblers, using a recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks:

Cobblers in the carCobblers in the car

The cobblers, nestled in the back seat of the car on the way to Bainbridge. (That little tupperware container between the cobblers contained a frozen veggie burger on ice.  It was an Amy’s brand veggie burger and it was pretty yummy for a frozen meat substitute.)

While we were in Georgia, Artie’s parents loaded us up with goodies from their garden.  Behold our eats for the next week:

Clockwise from top right – new potatoes (destined for a pesto potato salad), yellow squash, cucumbers (likely to end up on a hummus sandwich), beans, beets (definitely going to be roasted), and carrots

Veggies 2

Clockwise from top right – blackberries, baby plums, and zucchini

Veggies 1Oh, and also some unpictured eggplants but we ate them before I could snap a picture!  So now you know how Artie got his green thumb.  So excited for fresh produce.  Expect to see these items show up in meals later this week!

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