Dinner with the Fam

We began our vacation in the panhandle and now we’re down in Central Florida visiting family and friends.  Instead of going out to eat, we opted to make dinner at home.  I love spending time in the kitchen with my family.  We’re fun when we cook.

Dinner was themed around two things: Robert wanted to make a mediterranean appetizer dip and Jenna wanted apple pie.  Actually, the conversation with Jenna went something like this:

Jill (after hearing Robert’s idea) – Let’s make a Greek themed dinner.

Jenna – What are some Greek desserts?

Artie – Baklava.

Jenna – How about apple pie?

The dinner spread:

Salad (green leaf letture, spinach, parsley, chopped yellow bell pepper, feta, and walnuts) served with the last of this season’s citrus (sectioned by Grandpa right before dinner)

Baked salmon (recipe from allrecipes.com).  Tender, flaky, and flavorful.  We had 8 people at dinner and we demolished 2-1/2 pounds of salmon.

Eight-Layer Mediterranean Dip (recipe from Whole Foods website).  It had a nice texture from the chopped artichokes and olives and tasted good with the potatoes and the salmon.

Baked sweet potatoes – cut three smallish sweet potatoes into steak fries, rubbed with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, and bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.

Herbed Greek Roasted Potatoes with Feta Cheese (recipe from allrecipes.com).  Who doesn’t love a good potato?

All together now:

It was a great meal to share with family and friends.  I did get a little excited when I was serving the salmon and a chunk of it ended up in my chardonnay – oops!

After dinner we indulged in a favorite Volpe family pastime – watching home videos.  Last night’s selection was from 1985 – 1986 and featured Robert and me as toddlers.  It was fun to watch and we laughed until we cried.

For dessert, two kinds of pie: Apple and Cherry Pie and Blueberry Pie.  The Apple and Cherry Pie is an Emeril recipe from foodnetwork.com and the Blueberry Pie is from allrecipes.com.  The pie ingredients, all lined up (looks like an ad for Publix):

For the Apple and Cherry Pie, I doubled the amount of cherries because I had a sous chef to pit two pounds of cherries for me (even if they did turn her fingers brown!).

The blueberry pie got a simple lattice top (details about making a lattice top, see this post).

I didn’t get a finished picture of all the pies, but I had so much Apple and Cherry Pie filling (on account of using three HUGE apples and 2x the amount of cherries) that I had enough to make both a pie and a crostata (an Italian fruit tart/free form pie).

My plate, with a taste of each, plus vanilla ice cream (a must with fresh fruit pies).

It was a great night of family, friends, and food!

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