The Big Reveal

Our house is finished!  I’m sorry it took so long to get the pictures posted, but Artie has been traveling a lot and I am in the middle of a very busy semester!  First, let me show you how the bathrooms looked before…

Master Bathroom (note the awesome 70’s era wooden vanity)

Half Bathroom

Now a few reminders of how the house looked during construction…

And now the big post-construction, post-Ikea reveal!  There really isn’t anything left that was there before: new toilets, vanities, mirrors, light fixtures, paint, floor tiles, shower tiles, bathtub . . . you get the idea.

Master Bathroom

Half Bathroom

So there you have it!  Our bathrooms are pretty and modern and new!  They say that if you are going to make improvements to your house, kitchens and bathrooms get the most bang for your buck when you sell your house, so hopefully this will be more enjoyable for us now and make our house more marketable in the future.

Artie has plans for a pumpkin ale sampling tonight and I have plans to cook with my Scholar mentees tomorrow, so we will have fun foodie posts at the beginning of next week.

Have a great weekend!