Tasting Plate for a Hungry Girl

Anyone who is my friend on Facebook or follows me on Twitter knows that for the past six months I have been enthusiastically riding my bike, preparing for the Miles for Miley ride 🙂  I feel like I’ve come a long way: my first ride in May was a slow 10 miles and two days ago I rode a speedy, solo 40 mile ride (which would have been 50 miles if I hadn’t run over a piece of glass and popped my back tire).  One thing I’ve noticed about training for an endurance ride is that I am hungry (well, not right after a long ride but during the next day or two, my belly is growling)!  Food is fuel for my long workouts.  Today, my belly has been rumbling since right after breakfast but I wasn’t hungry for anything in particular, so I made what I consider a blog-worthy tasting plate:

My lunch nibbles included (clock-wise from top):

A few thin slices of sharp white cheddar cheese

Crackers: two sweet and two savory

A spoon of sunflower nut butter (read about my love for nut butter here)

A Honeycrisp apple (best apple variety ever!), cut into slices

1/2 of a medium avocado, cut into slices

2/3 of a red bell pepper, cut into slices

A small pour of Annie’s Goddess dressing (so yummy!)

Served with my favorite beverage: grapefruit flavored La Croix

What a fun lunch!  I enjoyed putting together different yummy bites: apple with sunflower butter on a sweet cracker, apple slice with cheese, avocado with cheese on a savory cracker, red pepper dipped in dressing, red pepper dipped in sunflower butter, etc.  I didn’t finish the avocado, cheese, or sunflower nut butter, but everything else was eaten up!  On the nutrition side, this was a great combo of fruits/veggies, carbs, and healthy fats.  I’m not sure why I don’t eat meals like this more often – it was easy, affordable, versatile, and fun.