NOLA Eats: Cafe Du Monde

Earlier this week I was in New Orleans for the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. It was my first trip to the Crescent City (a nickname New Orleans earned from its position on the crescent of the Mississippi). My parents have traveled to New Orleans several times for college football bowl games, weddings, and vacation but when I was little, I distinctly remember my dad telling me that I wasn’t allowed to go to New Orleans until I was 21. Since I was traveling for work, I didn’t exactly do a lot of partying (and let’s be honest, I’m not really a partier no matter where I am…) but I did enjoy some delicious good food including beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

Cafe Du Monde is famous for their beignets. The main store is really open 24/7 and every time we passed by (at least three times during our evening walks through the French Quarter looking for dinner) it was packed! The last morning we were in New Orleans, we stopped and my coworker and I split an order of three beignets.

The beignets were so good – hot and fluffy, doughy and soft, doused in powdered sugar – mmmm mmmm good! Perfect little pillows of (deep fried) deliciousness. I probably definitely could have eaten all three by myself but I’m glad I didn’t or I might have gone into sugar shock.

I came home with a Cafe Du Monde coffee mug and a box of Aunt Sally’s pralines but I passed on the Cafe Du Monde beignet mix – I just don’t think I could replicate the flavor and texture in my own kitchen (plus frying is a royal pain!). But next time I’m in NOLA, I will happily return to Cafe Du Monde for another delicious beignet (or two or three…).

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  1. I love the Cafe du Monde. Everyone who travels to NOLA has to eat there! We brought home the box mix, and it was fairly easy to fry AND delicious! A great way to think back on the fun. Great post, and thanks for bringing back great memories!

  2. Glad to hear the box mix works well – I always get nervous about frying in my kitchen but I might be willing to try it for another delicious beignet…

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