Big Catch Charity Fish Fry

A few weeks ago, the company where I work agreed to sponsor the Big Catch Charity Fish Fry to help raise money to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend and help grow their mentoring program. As part of our sponsorship, we received several tickets to attend the event. Not being one to turn down fresh Florida seafood, I enthusiastically agreed to use a ticket and go to the fish fry. My coworker’s fiancé, Reggie, also joined me.

The Big Catch Charity Fish Fry was held at Posey’s Dockside Cafe in Panacea, Florida. Although this Posey’s location is fairly new, Posey’s is a long-time Wakulla County institution. Beginning in the 1920’s, Posey’s Oyster Bar in St. Marks attracted people from the Tallahassee area with their “topless oysters” and smoked mullet. The oyster bar gained more recognition when it was mentioned as a destination in the New York Times Travel section. Unfortunately, the same year as the New York Times nod, Posey’s Oyster Bar sustained irreparable damage from Hurricane Dennis. Fortunately, Posey’s opened newer locations in Panacea and continues to serve scrumptious Florida seafood.

Back dock at Posey's
Posey's Dockside Cafe

The dinner plate at the Big Catch Charity Fish Fry included delectable fried shrimp served with cheese grits, coleslaw, hushpuppies, and iced tea. I have a deep love for cheese grits, but Reggie almost committed southern food heresy by passing on the cheese grits, explaining that he prefers his grits with sugar. Luckily for him, one of the servers admitted that she is not originally from North Florida and also prefers her grits with sugar and butter.

Posey's Fried Shrimp
Posey's Fried Shrimp Plate

With a hot, fresh plate of perfectly fried Florida seafood, the Big Catch Fish Fry was a fantastic event that supported a great organization. For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend, check out their website at Next time you are in the Big Bend area, be sure to stop by Posey’s for some fried shrimp and cheese grits.

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  1. Noooo, sugar on grits!!! Please give our wonderful Southern Cheese grits a try. The grits are a warm comfort food served up for breakfast as a stick to your ribs dish….no better way to start a cold winter morning with butter, salt and pepper. We also, serve them as a side dish to fish as Artie said, we serve them cooked with cream and chicken broth for the dish shrimp and grits spiced with a little red pepper all gooey and savory. It’s what makes one well when their sick as well. Anytime one of us Southerns have a little stomach bug we offer them up as one of the first foods to comfort the belly from a bout of misery with a dash of salt. On second thought maybe to cover all the delicious ways to serve up grits we do need to include the “sweet” ones as well for sweet, savory along with healing properties. No matter how you have have grits, just “have them. I should add that their economical as well. ENJOY!!!!!

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