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A few weeks ago we had friends over for dinner and they were laughing because our cable box is always tuned to channel 50 (Food Network). It’s no secret that Artie and I like Food Network. When we first got married, we would spend Saturday mornings eating pancakes and flipping through cookbooks with Paula Deen, Barefoot Contessa, and Everyday Italian in the background. However, in the past few years, Food Network has transitioned to shows that cater more to the home cook. While some of the shows (5 Ingredient Fix, Big Daddy’s House, and Ask Aida) are epic fails, others (Secrets of a Restaurant Chef) are pretty good. Here’s a rundown of our Food Network cheers and jeers:

Artie’s current favorites: Iron Chef America, Good Eats, and Throwdown

Jill’s current favorites: Giada at Home, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, Iron Chef America

Show we make plans to watch together: Next Iron Chef

Shows we will watch if we are in the living room and they happen to be on: Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Cupcake Wars

Shows we wouldn’t watch even if the only other TV option was NASCAR: Big Daddy’s House, Semi-Homemade, Ask Aida, Hungry Girl

Show we are so over (seriously, you can only make so many episodes): 30 Minute Meals

Shows with recipes we are likely to recreate: Everyday Italian or Giada at Home

Show most likely to make you an advocate for better food policies/production methods in the US: The Big Waste

What are your foodie TV cheers and jeers?

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  1. I’m with Shannon. . .Semi-homemade is un-watchable. . .unless you’re drunk. And I’m pretty sure Sandra Lee is drunk when she films each episode.

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