Back in the Day Bakery

While Jenna and I were in Savannah a few weeks ago, we made a stop at a bakery I read about on a blog I follow.

The blogger said great things about Back in the Day Bakery, so even though we were full from our lunch at Cafe Zeum, we decided to split a small treat and we also picked up a little something to share with Artie for dessert.

When we walked into the bakery, a family was putting the finishing touches on a birthday party for their one-year-old. It was super cute. We sat up at the bar and split a lavender shortbread cookie. So yummy. We clearly devoured it before I managed to take a picture but imagine a beautiful, creamy buttercream sandwiched between two flaky shortbread cookies. It melted in my mouth.

We picked up an Old Fashioned Vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. I split the vanilla one with Artie. It was also delicious – light, fluffy cake with thick, creamy frosting that wasn’t too sweet.

While I resisted buying their cookbook when I was in the bakery, I liked the treats from Back in the Day Bakery so much that the next weekend while I was at The Bookshelf in Thomasville, I bought it (support local book stores!). I’ve only tried one recipe from the cookbook so far (Old Fashioned Vanilla cupcakes with frosting) but I can see myself making many more in the future.

I’m not in Savannah often (unfortunately) but next time I’m there, I will definitely be picking up another treat from the Back in the Day Bakery!