Family Brunch





This post is long overdue but last semester was so crazy that I never got around to writing it! It has become a Volpe-White family tradition that at least one weekend each fall when the whole family is in town, we host family brunch on a home football weekend followed by a family photo shoot on the back porch steps.

Last fall, everyone was here for the Clemson game so on Sunday morning we gathered at our house for a yummy, easy brunch spread.


On the menu:

  • Biscuits (we cheated and used frozen biscuits – shhh!)
  • Sausage gravy (and turkey sausage gravy) – made from scratch
  • Scrambled eggs – simple, tasty crowd-pleaser
  • Fruit – grapes, raspberries, nectaries, and peaches
  • Yogurt almonds – a sweet treat
  • Blueberry muffins – Lindsay made these yummy muffins from a Pinterest recipe

IMG_0546IMG_0547Minimal prep, minimal cleanup, maximum yumminess, maximum time with family. #winwin

After breakfast, the family photo shoot. In our Florida State finest, of course!

We started having the family over for brunch because it was too hard to go out with nine people and it has become a fun way to spend time together. By combining homemade dishes with freezer staples and a simple fruit plate, we end up with a filling, tasty brunch for some of my favorite people.