The Accidentally Vegetarian Vacation

Last week, Artie and I spent five glorious days at my family’s beach house on Little Gasparilla Island. LGI is unique because you can only reach the island by boat and you have to bring your own drinking water and shower in rain water that is collected in tanks.  It sounds rustic, but it is wonderful. The beach is only a few steps from the front door and the sunsets from the deck can’t be beat.


When traveling to an island with no stores for a week, it is important to make a detailed shopping list because forgetting something means either 1) go without it or 2) take a 15 minute boat ride to mainland, give up your parking space in the marina, and drive to an (expensive) Publix down the road. We usually go with option one because option two is a pain.


We were going to be eating dinner on the island Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and we knew my family would be joining us for at least two meals. We tried to plan meals that were easy to prepare (there aren’t a lot of fancy kitchen implements at the beach) and had overlapping ingredients (so we didn’t waste a lot of food). This is what we came up with:

Thursday – Crunchy Black Bean Tacos and arugula salad

Friday – spaghetti with roasted vegetables and garlic bread

Saturday – onion and pepper quesadillas

Sunday – Rice and Bean Casserole with Guacamole


The black bean taco recipe is one of our new favorites (a Pinterest find) and the rice and bean casserole has been on my list of recipes to try. As you can see from the menu, we ended up having an accidentally vegetarian vacation. I don’t like cooking (or eating) meat very much and Artie is good enough to play along.

Overall, it was a delicious menu that didn’t take a lot of time to cook or clean up and satisfied our hunger after long days walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean (I know, it sounds so rough, right?). My family liked the food (even if they did supplement the meals with meat…) and we didn’t end up with lots of groceries left over.

I’ll be back this week with more details!