Beachy Spaghetti

While we were on vacation, one of our meals was spaghetti with roasted vegetables. It was a simple, delicious meal that Artie practically inhaled. What can I say – after a day of walking up and down the beach, we were seriously hungry.

The actual spaghetti was easy enough to prepare – we used jarred sauce (our favorite garlic spaghetti sauce) and basic spaghetti noodles (both from Trader Joe’s). I don’t know if it was something about this spaghetti or the fact that we were hungry from a day at the beach, but it tasted more delicious than normal. To prevent having to clean extra dirty dishes, we boiled the spaghetti noodles, drained them and returned them to the same pot, and then poured in the sauce.

We complemented the spaghetti with roasted vegetables. One package of pre-washed/pre-chopped broccoli and half of a sliced red onion (left over from the black bean tacos the night before) tossed with olive oil, salt, and minced garlic, then roasted at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Artie also made some garlic bread. He spread a few slices of whole wheat Italian bread (another Trader Joe’s find) with butter that had been mixed with minced garlic and then toasted the bread in a skillet over medium heat.

IMG_1556(Sorry the picture is a little bit out of focus.)

This definitely isn’t the most gourmet meal we’ve ever made, but it was tasty and quick to prepare. In fact, the timing couldn’t have been better – while the pasta water came to a boil, I chopped the onion and broccoli and got them into the over. When I drained the pasta, I tossed the vegetables once. While the sauce heated up with the noodles and Artie made the garlic toast, the veggies finished and everything was ready to put on the plate at once. That almost never happens for me in the kitchen.

We ate dinner on the deck while watching the sunset with a bottle of Newman’s Own Chardonnay. Perfection.