Local Favorites

When I don’t feel like cooking (for shame, I know!) and I’m looking for something good to eat, there are lots of good, local Tallahassee restaurants where I can turn for a quick, delicious, usually-healthy bite. Here are some of my favorites:

Gaines Street Pies: Figure Four (half ham/half eggplant) and Southern Style Greek salad. Artie and I often split the small pie and a salad on a Friday night when neither of us feel like cooking.

Wild Greens Cafe: Wild Greens burger with potato salad and collard greens (plus sweet potato biscuits – the best!). I’ve been eating at Wild Greens regularly for the past year and I’ve yet to try anything else. The veggie burger is that good. [So, since I wrote this post, Wild Greens closed their doors. Boo! Hopefully something good will open in that space soon!]


Sweet Pea Cafe: Buffalo Fried Tofu sandwich with hummus and raw veggies. Spicy and satisfying. Their hummus is the creamiest. When I’m looking for something lighter, I go for the Black Bean Burger.

Siam Sushi: mild tofu green curry with broth rice and wonton soup. Best. Curry. Ever. I also really like the Tom Kha soup with tofu and the broccoli with garlic.


Paisley Cafe: Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Tomato Bisque. The chicken salad croissant is also good. Paisley is a good lunch spot with tasty sandwiches.

If you are looking for good, local food in Tallahassee, I would recommend checking out one of these places.