About Us

Hello and welcome to White House Dinners!  We are the cooks behind the blog and we’d like to welcome you to our table.

Artie and Jill 2

We are a foodie couple.  We love to cook, bake, read cookbooks, eat at restaurants, introduce friends and family to new flavors, grow our own food in a sustainable way, promote sustainable hunger relief, and share fellowship around our table.  While neither of us has any formal culinary training, we both have a knack for preparing delicious food whether following a recipe, adapting a recipe, or combining whatever we can find in the pantry.

Artie and Jill 1

Our friends frequently ask us for recipes and suggestions so we thought we’d invite everyone to our place and share recipes and culinary musings through this blog.  We hope you will join us – there is always room at our table!

One Reply to “About Us”

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