Fresh Cranberry Cream Scones with Candied Ginger

One of the many blogs Jill follows is Joy the Baker. This blog recently featured a recipe for Fresh Cranberry Cream Scones with Candied Ginger, a recipe adapted from the Joy of Baking website. After reading the Joy the Baker blog post about these scones, Jill sent me a link to the recipe with a note that said “I might really really want to make these this weekend.” Excited about the scones, I bought the ingredients on the way home from work that evening and made them Saturday morning. You can access the recipe from the Joy the Baker blog site here: Fresh Cranberry Cream Scones with Candied Ginger.

Chopped ginger and cranberries
Chopped ginger and cranberries

One of my favorite components of this recipe is the candied ginger, which provides a sweet, tangy heat that complements the tartness of the fresh cranberries. Next time I make these scones though, I will probably chop the cranberries and the ginger into smaller pieces. I think this would help distribute the flavors more evenly throughout the scones.

Fresh scones
Freshly baked scones

I was a little concerned that the tartness of the cranberries and the strong flavor of the candied ginger would be overpowering, but the butter and the cream, in addition to making the scones rich and delicious, toned down both the ginger and the cranberries.

Scone with bacon
Even better with a side of bacon

I decided to round out the scone breakfast with a couple of slices of bacon because, well, I just like bacon. The bacon with the scones also developed a good salty-sweet flavor combination. This breakfast definitely added joy to my Saturday morning.

Cooking Stuffing in My Cubicle

Every year, my office hosts a holiday party called the Tweener.  There used to be a Thanksgiving potluck and a winter holiday potluck but it got to be too much potlucking so the between holidays part, or the Tweener, was created.  Last year, I had the idea to prepare my contribution in my cubicle.  I documented this last year on an old blog but thought it was good enough to share again this year:

I was really busy and didn’t have time to go to the store this week so I checked out what was in the pantry.  We actually had everything to prepare dressed-up Stovetop stuffing but it was late so I thought I would just make it at work the next day.  How hard could this be, right?  Turns out, it was a piece of cake!

This is what you need: hot water kettle (I ❤ my Bodum electric kettle), measuring cup, cutting board, knife, two boxes of stuffing mix (whatever flavor you like best – I used herb flavored), two apples, one red onion, 4 slices of turkey bacon (which Artie kindly cooked for me while he made the coffee in the morning), a bag of dried cranberries, and a big bowl.  I know it sounds crazy, but this was a cinch!  Sorry the pictures are so blurry – I was using a point-and-shoot camera and trying to document the fun while cooking.

Cranberry, Apple, and Red Onion Stuffing (makes a double batch)

Add the contents of two boxes of Stovetop to a large glass bowl with a lid.

Boil 3 cups of water in the kettle.

While the water comes to a boil, dice two apples (I used Honeycrisp – my favorite), half of a red onion, and four strips of cooked turkey bacon.

Add the chopped apple, onion and bacon, along with a generous handful of dried cranberries, to the stuffing mix.

Pour three cups of boiling water on top of the stuffing, fruit, and bacon.  Stir to combine.  Cover with a lid and let sit for five minutes.  Stir again.  Serve hot as part of a delicious holiday feast.

A few notes:

I forgot to add the butter (each Stovetop recipe requires 1/2 a stick) but I found that the flavor was fine without it.  I did add a small pat when I reheated the leftovers and it provided richness, but with all the mix-ins, it really wasn’t missed.

If you don’t like the flavor of raw onions, leave them out or saute them in olive oil before adding to the stuffing.  Ditto to the apples – they got softer as I microwaved the leftovers, and I personally enjoy a little bit of crispness, but you could cook the apples before adding them to the mix, if you were making this recipe at home.