WHD Goes Grocery Shopping

I’m back! I pretty much ceded control of the blog to Artie while I was finishing my doctoral residency the past few months (24 credit hours in 12 months = very challenging) so I’m happy to have a few weeks between semesters to make up for my lack of summer posting. First up: a glimpse at a typical White House Dinners (WHD) trip to the grocery store:

Let’s face it – most of the food Artie and I eat goes undocumented on our blog (and honestly, a lot of what we eat is the same day to day and not worth extensive commentary). So knowing that most of what we eat is unpictured and not from a recipe, I thought it would be fun to show you what we subsist off of week to week. These pictures were taken a few weeks back. This was a pretty big grocery trip since both Artie and I had been out of town and the fridge was bare. We alternate our shopping between Publix, EarthFare, and New Leaf, depending upon what we need/want and what is on sale. This particular trip was to EarthFare.


Usually the biggest component of our weekly grocery trips. The mushrooms and spinach were incorporated into a weeknight dinner (frozen gnocci, marinara sauce, spinach, and mushrooms – it was delish!). The greens were on sale (3 for $10) so I stocked up and ate a lot of salads that week. I eat at least one kind of fruit for lunch and another for snack every day. These were my three favorites at the time (at least two of which were in season…and one of which traveled here from around the world but that is another story for another post).


Artie puts milk on his cereal daily and I like to prepare my oatmeal with milk (it makes it nice and creamy). The Organic Valley is a great creamer. It has a hint of vanilla flavor without being overwhelming and the ingredients are so simple. My obsession with Greek yogurt is obvious. I eat one almost every day. Chobani is my affordable standby, Siggis is my decadent splurge (only available at EarthFare), and Greek Gods was a brand I hadn’t tried before (not much of a fan, in case you were wondering). Maybe one day I will do a Greek yogurt review for the blog…

Freezer items:

Our freezer is stocked with frozen veggies and freezer meals made from scratch (currently on hand are lasagna, peach curry, vegetable soup, and white chicken chili). We were (and are still) harboring a LOT of peach items from the Great Peach Cooking/Baking Fest of 2011 so I kept the freezer purchases light – one commercial frozen meal (I like to have at least one on hand for a go-to lunch or dinner) and some cutie patootie frozen waffles that looked like they would be a fun weekend breakfast.

Dry goods:

Finally the dry goods. I don’t often purchase dry goods because (for better or for worse) most of my favs are exclusively at Trader Joe’s). This means every few months we stock up on TJ’s staples (almond butter, cereal, pasta sauce, condiments) and the rest of our dry good purchases are limited to beans, snacks, and baking staples. I’m in love with Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks (but only Sunny Citrus flavor). They are especially easy to eat during a long bike ride (maybe I’ll do a post on cycling fuel one day, too). I usually don’t buy oatmeal in such a large quantity but that was the best deal at EarthFare.

Other household staples include brown rice, hummus, La Croix, local organic cheese, low-fat sour cream, butter, canned beans, and coffee.┬áSo there you have it – this give you insight into what we typically eat week to week.

What are the grocery staples in your household?